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Community Crowdsourcing:

Environmental Features of US Virgin Islands.

The following web map showcases the power of community crowdsourcing within WebGIS applications. The data in the web map are created by community members and organizational members of the GeoCAS ArcGIS portal. They are collected using our ArcGIS Collector App for smart phones and tablets. A manual for the collector app can be downloaded here. The data are collected across various categories and themes, spanning through the social-ecological nexus.

In terms of the map display below, expanding the arrow in the top left side, will show the map legend and its description. Clicking on the point observations in the map will bring forth a window containing information about the data observation displayed in the map. Scrolling down in the window can show access to embedded photos or pictures taken by the smart phone or device during data collection. The contributed user information is shown in the bottom of the window. On the bottom of the window, you can click the magnifying glass to zoom the map in the data observation area.
The map controls in the left side allow for interactive zooming in and out of the map. The last control allows you to overlay different base maps for the display.