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Key GeoDemographics of the US Virgin Island Census 2010

Census 2010 Block Geodemographics.

Description and overview.

The following web map showcase the key population and household demographic characteristics in US Virgin Islands Census 2010 by Blocks. The maps and spatial data were produced by GeoCAS, and represent an example of GeoCAS's mapping, visualization and analysis capabilities. The original data source used for these web maps is the official US Census 2010 (SP1) non-spatial dataset produced and distributed by the Eastern Caribbean Center (ECC) of the University of the Virgin Islands.

In terms of the map display below, clicking on the "legend" will show the map layers. Colors show population ranges in each geography unit. Clicking on any of the geogrpaphic unit (polygon) in the map, a pop-up window will display the key census demographic characteristics of that estate, including graphs and charts at the bottom. The details tab shows all metadata of the web map.

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