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Bathymetry of the US Virgin Islands

The following web map and related app showcase the bathymetric profile of the US Virgin Islands. The profile was created using the 2005 bathymetric sound (sonar) point profiles generated by NOAA in 2005. The interpolation layer was created using a diffussion interpolation with barriers (DIWB) geostatistical process (using islands as barriers) at a 30 square meter spatial resolution level. The outcome was rendered using 10m depth bathymetric contours, and the classified bathymetric levels were exported to shape polygons (for online display).

In terms of the map display below, clicking on the "legend" will show the map layers. Colors show bathymetric levels. Clicking on any of the cohesive bathymetric range in the map, a pop-up window will display the key characteristics of that profile.

For a more enhanced and interactive experience, a bathymetric profiling (depth) web app was created, allowing the creation of bathymetric profiles along selected paths. You can open the full web-app application from the link on the right.

Bathymetry Web Map