GeoCAS Weather Science.

An overview of the UVI Weather Stations.

The following resources provide access and information on the UVI-owned weather stations in the US Virgin Islands.

General Information.

Location and Links.


Weather Station Characteristics Table.

Station Name Island Lat Lon Elev (ft) Equipment Controller OS CWOP WU Installed
UVICES UVI CES Weather Station St. Thomas 18.3424 -64.9715 105 Vantage Pro2Plus Raspberry Pi 3B Meteohub Linux Kernel FW1866 KCHARLOT10 11/20/2017
UVISPE UVI St. Peter's Estate Weather Station St. Thomas 18.3643 -64.9433 405 Vantage Pro2Plus Raspberry Pi 2B Meteohub Linux Kernel FW1867 KCHARLOT11 11/16/2017
UVIWIL UVI Water Island Weather Station Water Island 18.3186 -64.9579 72 Vantage Vue Raspberry Pi 2B Meteohub Linux Kernel FW1917 KCHARLOT12 12/05/2017

Interactive Map.

USVI Weather Stations.

The following interactive google map displays the UVI Weather Stations along with some of their current weather data (takes a minute to load). If you hover your mouse over any of the weather station pins, the right-side information panel will populate with the weather station's data. If you click in one of the stations, an interactive graph interface displaying key weather characteristics will pop-up. You can find more graphs and data in each of the weather station's specific page above.