GeoCAS Research and Geospatial Tools.

GeoCAS Organizational membership

(ArcGIS online)

Access to GeoCAS organizational site on ArcGIS online, requires having an ESRI account.
If you don't have an ESRI account, you need to create a new account with ESRI first. Once your account is created, follow the next steps.
If you have an ESRI account or you just created one, you can request access to our organizational page, by using this web form (opens new window).
Once we receive your application, we will add your account, and we will send you instructions on how to activate it. Once activated, everytime you sign in to ArcGIS online you will be taken to the GeoCAS organizational home page that looks like the example below.

Snapshot of the GeoCAS ArcGIS online organizational page

GeoCAS ArcGIS Collector App

for iPhone and Android devices.

ArcGIS collector is a smart phone or tablet app that enables us to collect data and observations in the field without the use of a GPS device. It uses the functionality of the smart phone or mobile device to collect and update the GeoCAS ArcGIS online server with collected data. It requires subscription to ArcGIS online. Once you have or have optained account and access logins to the GeoCAS ArcGIS online organization, you automatically enable the full functionallity of the GeoCAS Collector for ArcGIS app.

You can download the app from your smartphone (e.g., through the App store for Apple iOS devices, or Google play for Android devices). You can find more information about the Collector for ArcGIS app from the ESRI Website.

GeoCAS has built a customized collector application entitled "Environmental Features of the US Virgin Islands", that allows the collection of various types of environmental features around the US Virgin Islands. You can download a manual of operating instructions for the use of the GeoCAS collector app. The manual includes smart phone and online usage instructions. If you don't have a GeoCAS online organizational account, please see the previous section.


UVI Microsoft Dreamspark

Access for STEM Academic Education

GeoCAS, on behalf of UVI, maintains an exclussive agreement with Microsoft to host and administer the Microsoft Dreamspark program. The program provides access to licenced microsoft software free of charge for all UVI students, faculty and staff of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. Dr. Alexandridis serves as the campus DreamSpark Program Administrator (PA).

Everyone interested in accessing these resources, must (a) Be a student, faculty or staff of UVI; (b) be part of a STEM discipline, and (c) must create/register their UVI account at the Webstore.

If you have an account with UVI's DreamSpark, please use the link below to access the webstore, and login in the top right corner.

If you don't have an account and want to create one, please access the webstore from the link below, access the sign-in page from the top right corner, and click on the "Register" button to create an account. Enter your UVI email in the Username field, and follow further instructions. Once your request is received, you should get your authorization by email.

Access the Microsoft DreamSpark Webstore.

ArcGIS Installations

custom laptop or desktop.

GeoCAS administers and manages all ESRI ArcGIS installation in UVI campus. All UVI campus computers in all islands have pre-installed ArcGIS Desktop Advanced programs (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcScene), along with all available extensions: 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Publisher, Tracking Analyst, Data Interoperability, Schematics, Workflow Manager, Production Mapping, Data Reviewer, Defense Mapping, Maritime Charting, Maritime Bathymetry, Aviation Charting, ESRI Roads and Highways.

UVI campus computers license these ArcGIS progams and extensions through the GeoCAS license server. The server cannot be engaged outside the UVI network. GeoCAS can provide additional functionality in off-campus settings.

If you need off-campus access to ArcGIS using your laptop computer and you are affiliated with UVI (faculty, staff, student), then the process is as follows:

  1. Make an appointment with either Dr. Avram Primack or Dr. Kostas Alexandridis, and bring the laptop you will be using off-campus.
  2. A copy of ArcGIS Desktop Advanced will be installed in your laptop.
  3. You will be provided with an 180-days check-out license. Your laptop can now run ArcGIS outside the UVI campus. If you need to renew then you must follow this process again.

Note: if you are not located in St. Thomas, please contact us for alternative arrangements.