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Pothole and road failure mapping

Pothole and road failure mapping in the USVI

Welcome to pothole and road failure mapping in the United States Virgin Islands.

Roads fail in many ways. They can develop potholes from the infiltration of water that promotes the breakdown pavement. This can happen where the road does not have sufficient roadbed underlying the pavement, where there is a seam between two sections of road, or where oil, gasoline, or other solvents have been left on the road surface causing it to dissolve. Other problems happen when the slope under the road subsides, carrying the roadbed downwards along with it. This happens where roads cut across valleys where the groundwater level is near the surface and can be made worse by heavy rains that losen the soil. Drainage along roads can also cause problems when rainfall causes flows greater than the road drainage is designed to carry, eroding and undermining the edge of the roadbed. Roadcuts and steep roadsides that are not properly maintained release sediments that clog drainage and can leave soil and rocks on the road. The mapping application asks you to identify areas where these problems are occuring. You can also add an image to the map so others can see what you are observing.

To add a point to the map:

  • Navigate the map so you can clearly see the place where you want to place a point on the left hand side of the map.
  • Click on the icon with a pencil at the top left of the map window. Choose any of the icons in the window that appears.
  • Click on the map at the location you want to add a point.
  • Choose answers to the questions in the popup window by clicking on one of the options for each question.
  • Click somewhere else on the map to save the information. Click back on the point to add an image if you have one.
  • If you want to see what was entered for other points in the map you can click on them in the map.
  • If you are having trouble with the size of your screen you can open the map application in a new window by clicking here.