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Human Impacts

Human impacts on the landscape mapping in the USVI

Welcome to human impacts on the landscape mapping in the Virgin Islands.

Human impacts come in many different shapes and forms. This map focuses on what we leave behind on the landscape: cars, boats, sewage, and other forms of garbage. Some of these are hazardous such as oil, paint, and leaking septic systems. Some are large and unsightly such as cars and roadside trash. All of them reduce our ability to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of our paradise in the Caribbean. If you see any of these please report them here in this map. You can add a picture if you have one, so others can see what you saw.

To add a point to the map:

  • Navigate the map so you can clearly see the place where you want to place a point on the left hand side of the map.
  • Click on the icon with a pencil at the top left of the map window. Choose any of the icons in the window that appears.
  • Click on the map at the location you want to add a point.
  • Choose answers to the questions in the popup window by clicking on one of the options for each question.
  • Click somewhere else on the map to save the information. Click back on the point to add an image if you have one.
  • If you want to see what was entered for other points in the map you can click on them in the map.
  • If you are having trouble with the size of your screen you can open the map application in a new window by clicking here .